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Seafood Favorites

Cuban Style Mahi & Shrimp Platter  Strips of Golden fried Mahi-Mahi & Large Shrimp drizzled with our  Garlicky Butter Sauce, served with Black Beans and Rice


Fish Tacos     Strips of Crispy fried Tilapia tucked into warm flour tortillas, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and drizzled with our homemade zesty Bam-Bam Sauce    


Fish Platter  Fried Pollock filets hand breaded and served with fries & homemade coleslaw  


Shrimp Platter     A generous portion of large, hand-breaded Shrimp, served with fries and our homemade coleslaw  

Bam-Bam Shrimp Tacos   Warm flour tortillas filled with our large Shrimp drizzled with our homemade zesty Bam-Bam Sauce, lettuce, diced tomatoes  


Fish-N-Shrimp Combo    Fried Pollock & Jumbo shrimp with fries & homemade coleslaw  

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