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99 Card Graphic.png

"99 Beers Gets

Your Name on The Wall" 


a T-Shirt to show off your accomplishment.

99 Card Graphic.png

Ask your server for a "99 Beer Club" card and begin the journey through our unique beer tasting experience. 


The beers in our coolers are numbered 1 through 99.

Each time you try a different brew, your server will check it off your card.  When completed you are officially a member of a very exclusive group, “The 99 Beer Club”.


When completed, your name is proudly displayed on the face of the beer coolers and you get a T-Shirt designed only for members that says “99 Beers Got My Name On The Wall”


The 99 Beer Club is meant to be a fun learning experience and has no time limit.  Some MoonCricket regulars who are beer enthusiasts have filled their card in a short amount of time, others took a few years to complete the journey.  


IMPORTANT:  Always sign your card, and keep it in a safe place.   There’s nothing sadder than losing your card halfway through the journey, and of course "Drink Responsibly".

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